Got caught

1 week ago

I was in my room a couple of nights ago, making a naughty video of myself masturbating. It sounded r...

I’m a man that need to try sucking a mans dick

2 weeks ago

I’m a straight man I’m always thinking about sucking a mans dick ! ! Even when I’m ****ing my girlf...

I'm hooking up with an older co-worker

2 weeks ago

I’m 18 and got my first job working at a cell phone store. Joergie works there too and she looks lik...

Just woke up

2 weeks ago

Just woke up and I’m feeling great

I can't stand my wife

2 weeks ago

I've come to the realization that I just flat out do not like my wife anymore. It isn't a rough patc...

I had sex with my boss

2 weeks ago

Just got back from Jamaica. Tan almost everywhere. Jan almost everywhere. Hee hee Oh #confessi...

Make no mistake in choices

6 months ago

I dated a sex addict.We broke up and I moved on to my next relationship. This new lady tells me she...

Which is right?

6 months ago

My girlfriend and I don't talk much, we don't have that "vibe" connection. Yet there is this lady...

Confusion on love state

6 months ago

I fell in love with this lady from tertiary, we got very attached but after a few years she was ac...

I am a coward

6 months ago

I am a big coward.i have suicidal thoughts all the time and I am addicted to cutting my wrist and hu...

I am trash

6 months ago

I am the most deceitful and useless person I know. All I do is hurt people and myself. I don't want...


I don't trust her

7 months ago

After secretly reading some chats my partner had with her ex I can't trust her again and I can't tel...