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Dukayna.com is built to provide a safe place for everyone who wishes to freely share their thoughts, emotions, ideas, experiences and much more without the fear of being judged or labeled. We acknowledge that providing an anonymous writing platform has the ability to break barriers in communication and stigmatization.

Dukayna.com can be utilized as your own safe place where you can freely un-conceal your thoughts and emotions without any apprehensions. To ensure free speech and meaningful conversations we have a reply post option. We have also introduced follow a post feature to enable our users to have more control over the posts they are interested in. We are hopeful that this will further encourage our users to share openly and to read stories of others, who are just like them or might be different but can still connect and learn at a certain level.

While sharing your posts please ensure that you do not share any personal details to protect your identity and ensure that your posts are not reflective of any hate towards a particular individual or a social group. We expect that our users will be polite and respectful in their posts. To ensure that the guidelines are being followed, the posts will be regularly moderated. For those who might find the posts on Dukayna.com insightful and would like to share them on other platforms, we expect them to kindly share the posts via the share link and to refrain from copying and pasting the posts. Read the Community Rules here.

Dukayna.com would like to invite you on this beautiful journey of personal growth and mental health well-being. A journey which allows you to be honest to yourself, to the world and be vulnerable without any fears.

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