Big Mistake

I am a 40 year old mother of a teenage boy. Last night I messed up royally and if this gets out I am in so much trouble. My son was supposed to be at his girlfriends house but I got a call and tip that he was actually at an unsupervised party where alcohol was involved. I immediately jumped into tiger mom and drove to the house. I quickly found out that he had been there briefly with his girlfriend but they had left to find a spot for some "private" time. So there I was lecturing a half dozen intoxicated teenage boys I didn't really know. Suddenly I felt a hand on my a**! I spun around to see one of the boys smiling at me. Before I could say anything another boy grabbed me around the waist. I began fighting back and managed to turn around and was face/face with the boy holding me. He was trying to kiss me. I ended up backed up against the wall, all the boys were around me groping me everywhere! I had my hands on the chest of the boy trying to kiss me pushing him back. The other boys wasted no time, my jeans and panties were pulled down to my knees, hands were all over my naked ass and my p**** was being fingered. Suddenly I realized I had stopped fighting back and my p**** was soaking wet. As I eased up the boy holding me leaned in and kissed me and I was actually kissing him back! He broke the kiss, grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. The other boys had my bra off in seconds and my b**** became the center of attention. The boys were not leaving any inch of my body undisturbed. The lead boy who had kissed me spoke up and said "lets get her on the couch". I kicked my shoes off and stepped out of my jeans. I was led to the couch and put on my back. The lead boy stripped down immediately. He didn't need any help, he was already rock hard! He got in between my legs and began pumping like crazy as the others stood around and watched. He didn't last long, but OMG when he got off it felt like a river of c**! I had forgotten how much a teen boy could unload!! Another boy nearly pushed him out of the way to get his turn. For the next couple of hours the boys did not give me a chance to move. As quick as one boy would finish another boy would take his place. C*** after c*** and the boys stayed constantly hard! When it was over I was a mess. The couch was ruined, there was a gigantic puddle of c** on the cushion, not to mention I was full. When I stood up the c** literally dripped out and ran down my legs. As i drove home I couldn't believe I had done that. What if the boys talk! Not to mention a couple of the boys had their cell phones out and video was taken!!!

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****ing is fun, from time to time. But I prefer making love

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