From girlfriend to side piece

I (20 F) broke up with my boyfriend (22 M) tonight. We had been on and off since June, and before that we had essentially been FWB since September 2020. Before that, we had been steady for a year. He treated me like a queen at first then trash in the end and I knew something was up, but he was my first and I loved him, so I held on. Stupidly, might I add. Well, today was the last straw. Everything had just boiled over, and I ended things. He said some really nasty things to me, then texted me later about how it's my fault he got so drunk. I ignored the text and as I was going to bed, I got a messenger phone call from him. Obviously I ignored it, I wanted nothing to do with him. But then he texted, "It's not -ex-. Answer please?" It was his wife. He is married. Not only married, but married to his old boss, whom he made numerous jokes about sleeping with.she confirmed that, at the time, they were only jokes. But the "jokes" had intention behind them. My heart absolutely dropped when she asked who I was. She only found out about me because he was being sketchy with his phone tonight, and noticed my texts when he passed out drunk in the bathroom. We talked for an hour or two at least, I sobbed, she comforted me, and vice versa. We traded our stories. Thry got married in December of 2020, and she is apparently pregnant with his kid but just found out (only 4 weeks along) and will probably be getting rid of the baby, so that's comforting to me. But anyways, I'm devastated despite being used. She and I are going to be meeting up for coffee sometime soon and going over everything. At least I may have made a friend out of this terrible situation. But I can't get it out of my mind. I can't figure out what I did wrong that he left me for his boss. I can't even believe it's real. I just needed to type it out to help process.

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