I’m a man that need to try sucking a mans dick

I’m a straight man I’m always thinking about sucking a mans dick ! ! Even when I’m ****ing my girlfriend in bed on top of her pounding the hell out of her pussy! So times when I think about getting ****ed by a man while I’m **** my girlfriend it makes me ***m so fast and hard inside of her ! I’d really love to have a man ****ing up my ass while I’m ducking my girlfriend in her ass ! Having him slamming my ass so hard that he push’s me deeper inside of ass ! Unfortunately it was not happen yet ! But I’m trying to drop a few hints to my girlfriend hopefully she will get the hints I’ve been dropping off to her ! Because I need to have a mans dick inside of my ass and mouth asap before I go and by a strap on ***** got my girlfriend to make her **** me in my ass ! It won’t be the same thing as a man pounding away in my ass but it’s the next thing from the real thing the only problem is she can’t make it shot ***m out the head of the ***** ! That’s to bad it will have to work for me until I can get the real thing

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