I have a good sex life, its above average.. but lately ive been craving more than the just sex, i want a heart pumping adrenaline rush! I've tried other things, ive done ti outside, in public places, alot during long car journeys on a quiet road side but that just doesnt seem to satisfy me anymore. i have a craving for animalistic rough sex, i want him to get home from work and grab my hand and lead me up the stairs, slamming the bedroom door behind us.. i want him to push me back wards onto our bed and just rip my clothes of, i wanna be tied to bed poles and be teased till im begging for him to fuck me.. i want my hair pulled and my back scrathed and my inner thighs bitten before he goes down on me, but he'll just lightly lick my wet pussy, before he slowly kisses all the way up my stomach and whispers dirty talk in my ear making me crave him more than ever. i want him to untie me and make me stand bent over facing the wall so he can fuck me hard and slow from behind, getting faster and faster the louder i moan, i want him to be spanking me till im red raw as he fucks me, i want him to pull me hair back and squeeze my tits and make me scream in painful pleasure.. i want it to be rough. i want to feel raw passion from it. and then just before he cums i want him to pull out, throw me to the floor, shove his hard wet dick in my mouth and cum all over my mouth and face just once i want something like this to happen, i love him with all my heart but the man babys me, he thinks im too delicate. i just dont know how to tell him that im dying for this without him thinking im a freak. i cant wait till he does though

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