Black and white

5 months ago

im so confused all the time and i have no clue why. like i want to do something and the very next se...

Make no mistake in choices

6 months ago

I dated a sex addict.We broke up and I moved on to my next relationship. This new lady tells me she...


6 months ago

Uhhh. Well. This isn’t easy for me to say, but I’m in love with somebody. I think. I don’t know for...

Does love even matter anymore?

6 months ago

I met this guy I gave him all I could loved him from inside out, went all out for him but he didn’...

Sexual relations w/ family

7 months ago

I really need to get this off my chest, cuz this is all I can think about. And I know this is very u...

Ever Had regrets?

7 months ago

Gals, have u ever accepted a guy and later had regrets that u did? I mean not he doing something wro...

I am a coward

6 months ago

I am a big coward.i have suicidal thoughts all the time and I am addicted to cutting my wrist and hu...

Terrible Date

7 months ago

My terrible relationship with a man I thought was much matured and educated to be with. We met very...

Giving up

7 months ago

There are times I feel like giving up in life. Its so hard and I can’t cope anymore

I am envious that my friend has a boyfriend

7 months ago

My friend has been with other boyfriend for a couple months now. She is 16 an he is 19. I mean how d...

I want to help a friend

7 months ago

Lately, I reconnected with an old friend (who I secretly have a crush on) and she began talking abou...



What makes it easier to kill yourself?

7 months ago

I’m on meds. I tried overdosing last summer, but I didn’t die. I was put in a mental hospital, but t...